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I have just recently finished some needed cleaning and now the smell of Pine Sol permeates my domecile - fooling me for a little while that everything is clean. Laundry is good to go, everyone is showered and rested (except me) and in a very short time, we are going out to gorge ourselves on Chinese food. YUM.

The mysterious vomiting continues with my children. Last Saturday night and last night it was my son - my little three year old baby, squirming and exhausted and upchucking for two hours beginning at 2:30 am. Good thing I hadn't been to bed yet, huh? *sigh*

At least it's been well on two weeks since my daughter's last episode, and that was minor compared to her earlier experiences.

We took them both to the doctor the week before last, and since, at that time, my daughter was the one with the most vomiting episodes, he concentrated on her. She had an upper GI last Wednesday, and the test came back normal. Yesterday she went to the lab and had blood drawn.

Tomorrow the real fun begins because I get to take three stool samples from her to the lab for more tests.

Life of a mother is rock star cool, ya'll. *snaps on rubber gloves*

I'm going to call the doctor's office Tuesday and update the ped on my son's recent episodes. I'm thinking no upper GI for him but I'll probably be getting a stool sample there too. The good news in his case, though, is that with the most recent two episodes with him, he had diarrhea at the same time he was vomiting, and that's different and points to a bacteria or virus. I considered half a mo last night saving the pull up so there'd already be a sample at the ready, but was talked out of it by my husband.


In non-vomiting news, after I get back from Chinese, I plan on a nice, long writing session. Even though I got a total of about two hours sleep the last 24, I don't plan on going to bed any time soon tonight in case there's a repeat performance by either child, so I might as well try and get something productive done in the meantime.


And I downloaded three new songs yesterday.

Face to the Floor by Chevelle. Reminds me of Tool a lot, who are becoming my favorite band ever after Metallica.

Buried Alive by Avenged Sevenfold. This song is so like something Metallica would do, how could I not love it?

Narcissistic Cannibal by Korn, featuring Skrillex. Narcissistic Cannibal. Come on! What's not to love??

I love good rock music, don't you? *g*
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