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I meant to start this meme on Feb. 1st - but as usual, the days got away from me. So I'm going to start tonight and just take it as it goes. But I will try my level best to post everyday - because I'm OCD and I hate skipping days on a meme.

Er, so here's Day 1.

Day 01 - What is your current favourite ship?

Sometimes I think it’s going to be my one and only for the rest of my life, my forever ship. I can’t even really explain why, either. Most of the ships I’ve had in the past have either been impossible, next-to-impossible, or more along the lines of Spike/Buffy or Wesley/Lilah, the love/hate energy.

Cordelia and Angel snuck up on me. Their entire relationship, it seemed, grew naturally out of the narrative without the writers intending it to. I think that's why it worked so beautifully, it was woven into the plot without being the point of it.

You can pretty much tell when the writers noticed what they had and zeroed in on it - we started getting words like kyrumption and moira. Even so, Angel and Cordelia survived it, and the shitstorm of s4. Their love story remained intact, and ultimately tragic, because it became secondary to all the forces swirling around and against them. And it's quite simply the most beautiful love story ever told because of that.

I can’t ever imagine not shipping them.

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