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You mean, other than Cordelia and Angel being allowed to say I love you to each other, without one or both of them being either possessed by dead dancers, or about to die? :P

Well, I'm never involved in a show these days the way I was when I was watching AtS/BtVS. But there is one or two couples....

Garcia/Morgan on Criminal Minds. Their flirting is ridiculously cute, and they've been doing it for years, she's the voice on the phone that keeps him from flying off the deep end, their relationship is riddled with deep talks and the sharing of feelings, and there's this vein of true, deep friendship and regard going on between them. The writers have quite a bit of fun teasing the audience by giving them some amazing banter, but they have yet, as far as I know, to pull the trigger on it. I suspect it's because of Garcia's weight, although I doubt the show would ever say so, but there's no other reason I can think of other than they are co-workers. But since Garcia's been involved with co-worker (played by Nick Brendon), it can't be that hard and fast a rule.

Honorary mention goes to Stabler and Benson on SVU. Twelve Plus years. Best friends. Partners. At this point, I seriously doubt one would be able to live without the other. If I had to pick any couple that deserved to get together, finally, other than C/A, it'd be these two. He loves Benson more than he loves his wife, and he's the longest relationship she's ever been in. STOP COCKBLOCKING, DICK. Get him back and let it happen.

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