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First off, thanks very much [ profile] damnskippytoo and [ profile] aerintine for my glass hearts, they made my day just a little bit brighter. <3

Now, let's get this started:

In the Jossverse there's just no shortage of answers to this question.

The most obvious choice would the ending scene of You're Welcome. Not the kiss, but after the phone rings and Angel's been told that Cordy already died. And he stands there with grief etched into his face and eyes, helpless to fight what's happened, and left bereft of his heart.

I thought about Buffy's face when she realized the portal to hell was opened even though she got Angel back moments before, and how very young she looked when she realized she still needed to kill Angel.

I thought about Darla's amazing sacrifice for Connor, and how she didn't even hesitate because that's a mother right there. Regardless of what she was normally, in that instant, she reacted as a mother would, and as a mother, I empathize like mad.

I could say Doyle's sacrifice, which was essentially the same as Buffy's in The Gift, except there was nothing left after the noise and lights faded, not even a body to bury, and only two people left to grieve him.

Or Wesley's death. Because regardless of what I feel about what Wesley did to Angel and Connor, in the end, it's Wes, and it was sad to watch the death of yet another core character on AtS.

But I'm gonna go with a scene in The Body. When the camera fades to Dawn crying in school, because someone was insensitive to her, and the audience already knows what's coming, and knows that it's gonna be so much worse than a mean girl, and there Dawn was, unknowing, untainted. And then Buffy comes and you can see her tell Dawn but not hear the words and then Dawn begins to cry, and then collapses to the floor while her classmates watch. Because that right there is what made me remember my mother's death, and even writing about it right now still has the power to make my heart rocket into my throat.

*deep breath*

Joss is an asshat but that was a great scene.

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