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Warning, I talk about rape under the cut.

I'm in the Buffyverse fandom - what couple doesn't have baggage??

But off the top of my head, I'll say Spike and Buffy. He wanted to kill Buffy. He tried very hard to kill Buffy, more than once. If he had succeeded, she would have been the third Slayer on his belt. He wore the coat of the last slayer he killed.

Buffy kills his kind. She's built for it. She's kind of known for it. Slayer, the.

So the baggage between them is sort of built in, which is just one of many reasons I loved their whole dance. And I find their relationship in s7 to be extremely special for it's calm acceptance of, and devotion to, each other, in light of the previous five seasons.

Outside the 'verse, I'm gonna go with an obscure (I think) soap opera almost-couple. They never got together, thank God, but I know the soap was flirting with the storyline. Marty Saybrooke and Todd Manning of One Life to Live. He orchestrated and then participated in her gang rape. Afterwards he terrorized her to stop her from testifying, and inadvertently caused the death of her boyfriend (twice), in addition to kidnapping her, etc. His whole life fell apart after he was convicted of her rape and he blamed her for that, refused to apologize until he was forced into her position by someone else, etc. If the actors and a huge portion of the fanbase hadn't objected, the show would have put them together as a couple less than three years after the rape. As bad as it sounds, as horrible as it makes me feel, I would have shipped them totally and completely if they had gotten together, because that couple and the actors portraying them had a very rare chemistry with each other.

But the baggage, oh my.

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