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Considering how long I've been reading, this is kind of impossible to narrow down.

So I'll give my most recent favorite book pairing.

Cathy and Heathcliff. They aren't a great romance, except they are. There are these ridiculous, over-the-top declarations that should have made me turn and run and yet, it made me want more. Cathy and Heathcliff were probably better off apart, at least Cathy was better off with that stalwart she married, but they had this folly a deux that seriously captured me, all because Heathcliff couldn't let her go after she died. And because Cathy couldn't let go of Heathcliff anymore than he could let go of her.

I love the idea that Cathy haunted Wuthering Heights after she died, still trying to get back home, and that instead of being terrified of being haunted by her, Heathcliff demanded it.

And honestly, I was a hopeless mess after I read the last few pages of the book, and watched the last few minutes of Tom Hardy's movie, because neither of them wanted heaven, only each other, and was happy to wander along Wuthering Heights together forever. *sobs*


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