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Is there even any doubt?

If Dakota Fanning began dating Tom Cruise tomorrow, I'd still find that more palpable than ConCord. Horrifying emotional, physical and mental rape showcased as 'compelling' storytelling and a 'gotcha' moment. Joss Whedon is less than contemptible in his disregard for the integrity of his characters and for throwing his feminist cred in the gutter for convenience. I don't expect any showrunner to write his show based on the wants of the fandom, because then it's like fanfiction up on my TV screen. But there are some stories that shouldn't be. The image of babyfaced Connor moving on top of Cordelia's body is almost unparalleled in its continued ability to disgust me to no end.

The rape doesn't even have the luxury of being private because apparently it wouldn't be complete without an audience, and if it didn't hurt the one person who should never have seen it.

Boy, here I am getting pissed off all over again.

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