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Assuming Cordelia wasn't cremated, what do you think Angel would have buried her in?

I'm still remembering that godawful black dress the Scoobies buried Buffy in, and how much I hated it and the shoes. I like to think that because Angel had some style, the same style that Cordy had, he would have been a bit better at dressing her up.

Black? White? Something tasteful or youthful or both?

I think it might have been something black or brown and slightly above the knees, a glimmer of bling in the stitching to bring out her beautiful skin and a deeper than is proper vee in her cleavage, to bring out her breasts.

He would have put the necklace he gave her when he came back from Tibet on her, I think, something that nestled between her breasts so that whoever met her on the other side would know they were dealing with a gorgeous woman who knew how to accessorize as well as a soldier for good.

Her hair would be soft and down and her shoes would be of the latest style.

Yeah, I know. Morbid much? :)


They do have a symmetrical kind of style. Take a look at the header of [ profile] whedon_kinkmeme.

Red and black inversed.

Two characters with something to atone for, wearing the colors of sin and adultery.

I kinda dig it.


Jan. 5th, 2012 07:07 pm
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I'm so excited about the things I bought at Victoria's Secret last weekend!


That fit!

And some pullovers!



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Another year has gone by and I'm kind of sad to realize I just didn't write that much during 2011. I could give a laundry list of legitimate reasons but what it boils down to is a lack of focus. I don't make NY resolutions in general but I am going to make a promise to myself to do two things:

1. Focus on writing.

2. Use less cream and sugar in my coffee.

Starting small is the best way to go, I think.

Anyway, here is the C/A fic I wrote for 2011: (Persephone)

Non-C/A ficlets written in 2011:


Cordelia gen: (warnings for references to torture)

Darla, Angel, and Connor:

Fright Night, Jerry/Amy: (warnings for dub-con)


Except for the husband's hospitalization in November, 2011 didn't differ that much from 2010. I ended the year on a high note again, in that my husband is alive, we both work and are able to provide for our children, and we are lucky enough to not only have each other but we're both relatively healthy. Same as the end of 2010. So I consider that a victory, especially since so many others can't say the same. I'm especially thinking about [ profile] starlet2367 right now. The universe has pushed you and pushed you, and I'm so happy and proud to see you have pushed back. :) I wish you more happiness and peace than you know what to do with, bb.

Here's to a more productive and prosperous New Year, not just for myself but for my flist.


Dec. 30th, 2011 06:32 am
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For the second time in five days my daughter has woken with a stomach ache, and ended up in the bathroom throwing up.

Time to get the doctor involved, I think.

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But you knew that, right? :D

Happy Birthday, [ profile] xlivvielockex.

Have really, really good food. It's a joy.

Spend time with family and friends and bask in their love. It's, as they say, a blessing.

Open many, many presents and don't let any of the givers get away with the combo birthday/Christmas gift. Cordelia wouldn't. :)

You are an awesome, awesome friend and I don't think we'd have had half the fun we do if you weren't around, bb. Celebrate your day. :)
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So when I was posting my Fright Night prompt fills the other day, I remembered that I also filled a couple of prompts over at [ profile] whedon_kinkmeme a couple of months ago. So here they are, unbeta'd and probably cliched as hell at this point. :)


Angel/Cordelia, menstrual blood

under here, bloodplay, NC-17 )


Angel/Cordelia, strip club, beige period

under here, smut, NC-17 )

PS, I didn't title them because I hate titling fic, it's my least favorite part of the whole process. And for fills at a kink meme? Extra no thanks. But if anyone wants to title them, and I like the title, I'll use it and credit you. :)


Dec. 21st, 2011 11:50 pm
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You know the problem with trying to find icons of your favorite character when the two other characters are fandom favorites?? You can't find any of the character you want because peeps are too busy iconning the fandom darlings.

They couldn't get anyone else to play Peter Vincent? It had to be David Tennant? *grumbles*
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I am wholesale friending peeps over here at the moment. I typed in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series into the 'search by interest' thingie and am pretty much friending everyone who's name I recognized and who I interact with on LJ. It's a defense mechanism against the latest round of LJ backlash, but I'm pretty much going to keep who I friended and who I will be friending. Feel free to friend me or not, I'm easy.

Over the course of the next couple of months, as I replenish my descretionary income, I will be getting a paid account and sweet talking my way into a custom Layout. Huzzah!
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Damn you, LJ!

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Inbetween texting a friend with a new baby and making meatloaf for dinner, I found a kink meme for Fright Night at [ profile] frightnight2011 - which is exactly what I needed. I filled a couple of prompts. I don't expect feedback as the meme seems to be a few months old, and the fic themselves are kinda meh, but I feel like I'm exercising a demon by writing them.

Don't be surprised if the characters fall into familiar lines, it's how I roll.

Title: Goodbye to Me
Author: Samsom
Fandom/pairing: Fright Night 2011, Jerry/Amy.
Rating: R, I think.


spoilers for FN )


Companion fic, set later on during the movie, towards dawn. An inbetween scenes fic, I guess.

Title: Not Quite Herself
Author: Samsom
Fandom/pairing: Fright Night, Amy/Jerry
Rating: NC-17


this one is shorter and smuttier )



Dec. 17th, 2011 01:04 pm
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I watched the remake of Fright Night the other night. And twice since then....during the same night.

Um, so I liked it.

And now I kinda really want to write some fucked up Amy/Jerry fic.

But knowing me, I'm gonna probably eventually turn it into Angelus/Cordelia fic. Cuz they live underneath every creative thing I think of and produce.

But right now, I want some Amy/Jerry fucked up, dirty, painful, abusive fic.

This was unexpected.

Quick post

Dec. 15th, 2011 06:36 pm
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I've been extra busy with Christmas, work, and family stuff, and I'm pretty damn sure someone shaved off an hour or so of the day so I've been behind even though I'm actually running faster.

The sound of a hampster running frantically on a wheel is purely my imagination, I'm sure.

But I wanted to say my heartfelt thanks and awww shucks to those that responded to my love meme. I really, truly hearts all of you, lurkers and flisters and anyone who actually takes time to read the minutia of my thoughts. I am so gratified by those that are here for the fic, and so abjectly miserable at not having something to offer you. I am hoping for after the New Year, when all the potlucks and shoppping and events are over.

[ profile] catbirdfish, thanks. :)


Dec. 4th, 2011 07:15 pm
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Because I need some fandom positive today to wash the ick off my skin, I'm gonna pimp some icons [ profile] damnskippytoo made. The reason is she's an awesome icon maker - one of those that can capture just the right moment, and she's made some amazing Doyle and Cordy icons.

Doyle's not often on my mind, tragic considering I do genuinely adore the guy and what he brought to Angel and Cordelia, and to AtS.

If you agree and you have a few minutes, go have a lookie-loo and grab any that speak to you. I'm grabbing a bunch. :)

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Of the C/A variety, of course.

On the eve of this most fattening of holidays, I offer to all the C/A shippers on my flist this old skool fic by Florrie, one of the OS (original shippers) of Cordelia/Angel (she's also a mod at Stranger Things). It's called Flying with Turkeys and the basic premise is Cordelia sends Angel to the supermarket for supplies the day before Thanksgiving. Given that Angel is a 'bite or avoid' kind of vampire, this fic is ridiculously cute.
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Small observation, really.

Blood Ties is on at the moment and right when Dawn breaks up the party with her cutting routine, I noticed Giles and Joyce standing together having cake. Joyce looks lovely, very much like Buffy's mother with the golden hair and sun kissed skin.

I know the show's about the kids and all but in my head canon, Giles and Joyce spent time together off camera - tea and dinner every now and again. Very casual but very comfortable and nice.

And wow, Buffy and Spike arguing over how Dawn finds about being the Key reminds me of parents fighting over their child. Hmmm.

Old School

Oct. 30th, 2011 11:14 pm
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George Michael and his hips did a lot for my budding sexuality. He's a smexy little pirate in this vid. :)


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