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2012-02-14 09:09 pm

30 Days Couples Meme-Day 7

First off, thanks very much [ profile] damnskippytoo and [ profile] aerintine for my glass hearts, they made my day just a little bit brighter. <3

Now, let's get this started:

Day 07 - The most heartbreaking scene? )
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2012-02-11 02:28 pm

30 Days Couples Meme-Day 5 (catching up)

I should probably say right now that most of my answers will be very BtVS/AtS-centric because it's the world I apparently still live in. If I get a question that refers to a past couple or something, I'll probably go back to my fannish roots. But for the most part this might as well be a Jossverse meme. *shrugs*

Day 05 - The pairing with the least chemistry? )
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2012-02-07 11:06 pm

30 Days Couples Meme-Day 1

I meant to start this meme on Feb. 1st - but as usual, the days got away from me. So I'm going to start tonight and just take it as it goes. But I will try my level best to post everyday - because I'm OCD and I hate skipping days on a meme.

Er, so here's Day 1.

Day 01 - What is your current favourite ship?

Cordelia/Angel. )