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Anything that tickles my fancy?

Okay. )
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Ickiest Scene.

Yeah. You know what's coming. )



Ranty up in here.
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Sexiest Scene.

AKA C/A's greatest hits )

And lest you think I’m ALL about C/A, there is one more scene that brings sexy to AtS that doesn’t involve my ship:

da da da dum )

And that’s all for now folks!
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This is reccing a fanvid or fanfic. I'm doing two each, because that's how I roll. :P

under a cut because omg, I'm embedding for the first time ever! )

That's all folks. See you tomorrow. I promise to catch up on comments this weekend. :P
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A fun one!

Wackiest looking demon.

The one with the Big Gulp in the teaser for That Old Gang of Mine. This guy and the loan ‘shark’ in Tabula Rasa over at BtVS seriously made me think the show needed to stop with the visual jokes. He looked like a live version of one of Spongebob Squarepants’ friends. I get that the show wanted to say - Gunn's old gang didn't even care what demons they were killing, and I've always liked how AtS showed the grey areas - not all demons are dangerous.

But Spongebob Jr.?

Honorable mention goes to the Transfunding Furies. It validates tentacle porn and tentacle porn shouldn’t be validated.
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This one was hard. Not because I had too many to choose from but because I never paid enough attention to her. But I managed to scrounge up two moments.

favorite Fred moment )
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I can't believe I've posted this much in August. I think I've done more this month than probably the whole past year. I think I will keep this going with 30 days of Buffy for September.


Favorite Gunn moment(s) )
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I was typing last night, trying to find the hook for day nineteen, and guys, I fell asleep...typing. Literally.

Cuz I'm old apparently.

Anyway, there will be another post later on when I finish some stuff up. But for now, yesterday's post -

My Favorite Cordy Moment.

This is almost too ridiculous. Favorite Cordy moment? How ‘bout every single time she was on screen? )

In other news, my go-to Vietnamese diner with the delicious noodle soup has gone out of business. I don't know what I'm going to do. Except maybe go cry against the window and leave my snot and spit smearing the glass.
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I used up all my good brain cells today at work so I’m afraid I’m going to have to make this one short and sweet.

Favorite  )
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This meme has been so much fun, I think I might do this for BtVS next month.

Meanwhile, back in LA.

saddest character death )
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This was the last day of my mother-in-law's visit. Fun was had, but I'm half dragging and it's only Monday. *Cries a little*

Da meme:

Something That Made Me Think WTF.

this got ranty and snarky )
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A scene that made me cry )

I did say my answers would be damned predictable, yes? :D
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Favorite character arc.

Cordelia Chase.

I've tried to find the words to explain why she's my favorite character arc, only to edit and redit and re-redit.

I can't find the words, I never can with Cordelia. So I'll just be very succinct and to the point:

She went from Queen C putting a spotlight on Willow's fashion choices with a cutting remark, to an ascended higher being who used her last breath to keep Angel from giving up, to give him the strength to keep fighting.

An amazing character arc, spanning seven years and two shows.
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Gah, so tired. And so totally devoid of rational thought.

But not so far gone that I can't meme.

Least Favorite Season )
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I stayed home today to power clean because my mother-in-law is coming to visit from NY tomorrow. She does this about twice a year for the last ten or so years, so the urgent need to have a sparlking domecile has long since faded, but I bought cleaning supplies, and I want to use them!

But right now I'm watching History's Mysteries about King Arthur and debating on whether I should steal two or so hours and go see Inception. Or Salt. I can't decide. Salt has an ass-kicking woman at the heart of the story rather than being a satellite to the main hero. But Inception has Tom-that-mouth-Hardy, and some other square-jawed men in kink-creating crisp white shirts, vests, and well fitting dress pants.

What to do? *frets*

Meme, of course.

Something you hated that most people liked )

I hope tomorrow is more positive. I hate to feel like I'm complaining.


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