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I'm a little disappointed in myself for having this be a day late, but that's better than not posting at all, is it? Especially so close to the finish.

So, an episode I hated that everyone else loved....

under the cut )
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Cutest Moment

In seven seasons, for a show so damned serious, there have been many.

*deep breath* )
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So the days are somehow getting away from me. I thought my double post had caught me up yesterday but when I looked at the calendar today, I realized I was still behind. So here's another double post and maybe I'll truly be on schedule after this.

Favorite Buffyverse Saying )

Favorite Scooby Moment )
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I fell asleep last night so tonight is a two-fer.

Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did )

Favorite Example of 90s Special Effects )

When this meme is over, I'm going to have to try and remember how to do a non-meme post.
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I want the fun questions, dammit.

This wasn't fun.

Best Willow-centric Episode )
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OMG, I'm not doing this meme any justice because I keep getting tired!

Best Spike-centric Episode )
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I'm really getting these under the wire these days, aren't I?

character I like that everyone else hates )
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Can I just be cliched as hell and say thank GOD it's Friday??


That feels good.

character you most relate to )
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OMG, it's half over! I don't know whether to be depressed or relieved. *sigh*

Catching up on comments tomorrow night, guys. Promise.

Meantime, the beat goes on. An episode I liked that everyone else hated.

AKA: The episode right before School Hard )
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You know, there are some great drabble-a-thons happening right now and I've been slowly but surely writing some of the prompts. I need to bring them over here, for storage and easy reading.


This is going to be a very long process. *sigh*


favorite male villain )
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Things are quiet around here but given what day this is, I'm not surprised.

Least Favorite Romance )
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Thank the universe it's Friday. Sleep, sweet sleep. And food not hastily prepared. I dream of it.

Except tonight. Tonight there will be deli-bought beef tamales topped with sour cream and taco sauce hot enough to burn the enamel off my teeth.


least favorite season )


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