Apr. 1st, 2011 08:18 pm
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I think I just discovered why Angel calls 'Cordelia' kitten in AtS 4, right after he throws an arrow into her leg, even though he's never called her that before, souled or unsouled.

beneath the cut )
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I'm home today with an ailing car parked at the mechanics, so I decided to pull out my AtS DVDs and have a lookie-loo at Eternity.

I noticed something - shipper perspective, naturally. )
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So I'm finally getting around to rounding up all the comment fic I've been writing the last week. These are from [ profile] eleusis_walks, who is hosting the Angel: The Series Prompt-a-thon here: It's still going on and there are some fantastic prompts and fic being posted there, so if you've got some time, go check them out!

Safe Harbor )

Perfect Fit )

Thunderheart )

Family Night )

Whew! I have one more fic to post from this prompt-a-thon, but I want to tweek it before reposting it here.

Ta for now. :D


Jul. 8th, 2010 08:30 pm
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I was chitchatting with [ profile] damnskippytoo and we both used icons from Hearthrob and staring at them, I just had this perfect little moment where I recalled how incredibly squeeful I was during the first airing of that episode.

All the touching!

The grabbing onto each other and hanging off of each other. My Lord, I thought it was all the Christmases of my life all rolled into one hour of awesomeness. From the second he came through the basement door and the way she covered her face like it was all her Christmases all at once - in a Nieman Marcus shoe department - and the quiet, sure way he smiled at her, to the way they just held fast to each other when James was chasing them, to the way she hid behind her Angel and stuck her tongue out at the monster outside in the dark (I used to do that when I was very little, I used to look back into a darkened hallway or bedroom from the safety of my parents' presence and stick my tongue out at anything that might have been looking back at me), to the way he placed her away from James' immediate reach to the that wonderful talk at the end of the episode where he opened up to her and she was there for him. It was so shiny and bright there for a second.

Just thought I'd share that. :)


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