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Dear baby -

I love you, completely. But, if you love me even a little, grow that placenta already and stop siphoning off me. I have nothing left to give.

Your host (mommy)


Oh God.

*rolls over like a slug*

No energy.

Fetus is sucking me dry of the will to do anything.

Send tacos.

And Gerard Butler.

With his 300 loincloth and cape. And sheild.

And, um, spear.

*looks innocent*


Sep. 24th, 2007 08:54 pm
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Hi peeps. *waves*

[ profile] damnskippytoo and I are putting on a little Halloween Challenge & Ficathon shindig over at Stranger Things and I wanted to let ya'll know so you can go on over (if you're a member) and throw your hat in the ring. And if you're not a member....well, why ever not? *g*

If you love C/A, go over to, join (it takes, like, a second or two) and show us some love, baby. *wiggles hips, tosses pom-poms* The prompts and challenges can be any genre you prefer writing in - comedy, fluff, scary, etc. - as long as it's Halloween themed. The thread announcing it is in the fanfic help/Recs section. Debs has the low down on the specifics there.

There may be a small, very nominal Stranger Things Booze n' Whores Endowment fee, but that's negotiable.

We have some talented writers and some absolutely kick ass prompts and challenges being tossed in the ring, but being the greedy biatches we are, we want more.


*wets lips and smiles like a porn star in a 800 commercial airing after midnight*

Disclaimer: Participating in this ficathon may cause helpless laughter, bouts of horniness, and a near uncontrollable urge to rewatch your Angel dvds. Do not think about this ficathon while driving or operating heavy machinery. If the laughter and/or horniness persists, write another c/a fic.


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