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But you knew that, right? :D

Happy Birthday, [ profile] xlivvielockex.

Have really, really good food. It's a joy.

Spend time with family and friends and bask in their love. It's, as they say, a blessing.

Open many, many presents and don't let any of the givers get away with the combo birthday/Christmas gift. Cordelia wouldn't. :)

You are an awesome, awesome friend and I don't think we'd have had half the fun we do if you weren't around, bb. Celebrate your day. :)
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[ profile] xlivvielockex!

I always thought I had it bad that my birthday was a week after Christmas....and then I met you and your Christmas Eve birthday and felt much better. :P

Anyway, I hope your birthday is singularly wonderful and full of birthday things. You're all busy with grad school and all that, but you still do a lot to brighten and propel our little corner of fandom and I'm so grateful for your presence. C/A wishes and smutastic dreams to you!

*throws birthday confetti*
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My first introduction to Kel wasn't through Safe As Houses, or Heat Stroke.

That would come later.

It was Phoenix, and I was at [ profile] kita0610's fic repository, in the middle of all that slash, lol. I clicked on Phoenix because it was Angel and Cordy. And Wes. Spoilers for S4, and speculating for S5. Usually, if it's Angel n' Cordy, I'm not looking for threesomes, but I read it because I was desperate for an Angel piece that treated Cordelia as important as I thought she was to Angel. And because I wanted something that was about healing that triumvirate.

Hooowee. Did I get it. Hot het, and slash. Grief, and hope. I was so impressed.

I gave her feedback.

She answered.

She was enthusiastic, and kind, and warm, and welcoming. Southern charm, but for real. No matter how many times I emailed her back - and believe me, I kept that email chain going as long as I could - she never acted like she wasn't genuinely interested in my opinion.

She beta'd the first couple of fics I posted at ST, and she was honest and right, lol, about what was wrong with them. She didn't let me just rest on what I had, but always asked me for the rest of the story.

When I bookmarked Sanguis and read what was there, I emailed her again and asked to marry Beacon, and have its babies. Storm Front, Snow Angel, Heat Stroke, all of them were like eating a seven course meal - sumptuous and satisfying. She writes close to canon, and better than the paid writers for the show. Every fic is a treat, showing something different. Amor Fati, a B/A piece set during BtVS s3, but about a burgeoning friendship between Cordy and Angel. It never compromised B/A, Angel's love for Buffy is clear and present throughout, but I adore how it shows that Cordelia gives Angel something that he's lacking at that time - hope, for something more. I loved the implicit trust Cordy had for Angel, naturally assuming he'll change her tire, how he couldn't quite bring himself to ask her to leave, and the image of Angel nearly losing a knuckle when Cordy swings the tire iron at him. LOL!

Kelley has become a really, really good friend, and one more reason I have to visit TN.

But I'll always consider myself her fan, first and foremost.

And I still want to marry Beacon.

Happy Birthday, [ profile] starlet2367


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