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Besides being MLK Jr.'s holiday/birthday, it's also [ profile] mjinaspen's birthday.

You're one of the coolest people I ever met, MJ, and another reason I love my ship so much - because it brought me friends like you. I know we don't speak as much as we used to but it always makes me happy to hear from you regardless of how and I always love reading your Dave Grohl *coughobsessioncough*, er, love. Your Dave Grohl love.


Have a great day!

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To [ profile] damnskippytoo's parents.

For knockin' boots *&^%$@##$ years ago and having her.

I suck as a friend because I'm wishing her a happy birthday so late on her natal day, whereas she's the most awesome friend in the world because not only does she know my habits (of never finishing fics on a deadline), she puts up with them. And she betas. And she wipes my nose and tells me to spank my inner moppet when I go crying to her over my writing.

Annnnnnd, not only is she one of the most talented vidders in the fandom biz, she writes fic that punches me in the gut. And icons stuff that leaves me breathless.

In other words, she feeds my soul.

I love you, man! *manhug*


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