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Small observation, really.

Blood Ties is on at the moment and right when Dawn breaks up the party with her cutting routine, I noticed Giles and Joyce standing together having cake. Joyce looks lovely, very much like Buffy's mother with the golden hair and sun kissed skin.

I know the show's about the kids and all but in my head canon, Giles and Joyce spent time together off camera - tea and dinner every now and again. Very casual but very comfortable and nice.

And wow, Buffy and Spike arguing over how Dawn finds about being the Key reminds me of parents fighting over their child. Hmmm.
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Nothing profound, just watched this vid in YouTube and it made me sort of sad. Probably because I watched Toy Story 3 this morning, and Buffybot's kinda like that.

It's kind of awesome that on this show, BtVS, even a robot makes a profound impact on the audience enough for videos to get made.

Dawn cuddling up to the Buffybot in the middle of the night will never NOT be sad. Poor Dawnie, lost everyone she loved, looking for security and comfort from wires and silicon. *sniffles* I really think that Buffybot loved Dawnie, too.

And Buffybot's death will always be one of the most disturbing I ever watched.
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That scene where Faith wears that pink girly dress and the Mayor gives her that incredibly genuine, very loving, prep talk got me thinking *cues Carrie* and I couldn't help but wonder...

Nah, just kidding.

It got me thinking about The Mayor and Faith. I understand why Faith got so attached to the Major, and let herself be vulnerable in front of him the way she wouldn't with anyone else.

But what about the Mayor?

I have no deep thoughts on this myself but I am very curious about why the Mayor got so attached to Faith, adopted her so whole-heartedly and seemed to love her so unconditionally.
He's got the surface attitudes down, but there's a black hole of nothing at his center, no humanness, compassion, empathy. No soul. So how does he love her like he seems to? Nothing in his interactions with her, and about her, suggests that it's fake.

Also, why would an 1,123-year-old woman/demon decide she was going to hang out in the high school and attend classes?

I love that scene in the library, with Giles looking so intently at the Mayor, and the second he threatens Buffy, Giles reacts blindly, trying to protect a girl who doesn't really need protecting. Gives me that deep down tickle, you know? Giles' desire to shelter Buffy, despite being the guy who sends her right into the heart of danger.

*watches more*

Oh come on Angel! You took a rebar through your torso and managed to get back to the hotel by yourself but Faith shoots an arrow at you and you immediately fall to the ground? Way to man up, dumbass.

Though, there is nothing hotter than a helpless Angel. Mmm.

Tough Love

Jan. 19th, 2010 03:42 pm
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Poor Buffy. Cutting because I'm basically ranting on Buffy's behalf and want to spare the flist  )

otoh, OMG, I don't know what they taught Giles in Watcher School, but the man is hot when he gets that Ripper voice going and pulls out his handkerchief and ever so deliberatley begins to wipe his hands as he stares at the hobbit with the acne. Is that on purpose, that affection? Because it totally works. *bites lip*
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I'm watching Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered on Logo and, you know, I noticed a couple of things.

Dru warned Angel to back off of Xander.

And he listened. And backed off all the way behind a tree. Which, if you take in their history, really doesn't fit. I mean, Dru, I get, because she's under the love spell. But Angel wasn't. I half expected him to reach over and snap Xander's neck, and then grab Dru by the throat and drag her back to the factory for a reminder of who he was, and who was just the paper flower he could rip into even tinier pieces. But backing off like he did? Doesn't seem like the Angel-without-a-soul the way I thought of him.

I also noticed how visibly Cordelia softened when she realized Xander intended to do the love spell on her. I realize she didn't know the particulars of his spell - that he intended to make her fall violently in love with him so that he could turn around and rip her heart out in order make himself feel better about being dumped - but even not knowing that, it shouldn't have been treated as a moment that drew them closer. The fact that he tried to spell her should have been a sign for her to run far, far away from Xander.

I'm trying to figure out if whether Marti Noxon writing this ep was significant to that, or not.
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I was watching the most mesmerizing Spike/Buffy gif by [ profile] nikkiwawa79, in [ profile] xlivvielockex's journal, from School Hard. That is a near perfect BtVS episode, rocks on so many levels, and seeped itself so far into my brain meat that if someone were to lobotomize me, Spike would give a jaunty little wave from within.

But Buffy's Parent-Teacher night's the only thing that just makes me stop and go whu-?

She looks like she's about to play a round of golf. Or possibly drop the kids off at soccer practice.

Her Bronze-Meeting-Spike-for-the-First-Time outfit is much better.

And her dancing. Can't say enough about the dancing that made Spike drool in the middle of his assess-the-Slayer-for-possible-slaughter mission.


Jul. 28th, 2008 03:03 pm
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It's been on my mind lately so I popped in Passion for a quick looky-loo and just had to laugh in the midst of all that tragedy.

under here )


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