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Aug. 6th, 2011 03:48 pm
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Another prompt I filled at the Women On Top comment ficathon in [ profile] catbirdfish's DW account. This one from [ profile] lutamira - Wes/Faith, sleep is not my friend. I changed some of the wording from that post to this one, because apparently everything I write is a work in progress. Like, Later, I plan to repost an older fic of my at [ profile] fantas_magoria for Epiphany and I think I'm going to rework the ending because...I can? IDK. *sigh*

Title: Used to Be
Author: Samsom
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Faith/Wesley, s4 Ats.

under here )

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So I'm finally getting around to rounding up all the comment fic I've been writing the last week. These are from [ profile] eleusis_walks, who is hosting the Angel: The Series Prompt-a-thon here: It's still going on and there are some fantastic prompts and fic being posted there, so if you've got some time, go check them out!

Safe Harbor )

Perfect Fit )

Thunderheart )

Family Night )

Whew! I have one more fic to post from this prompt-a-thon, but I want to tweek it before reposting it here.

Ta for now. :D


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