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It wasn't supposed to take this long and it wasn't supposed to be almost 2500 words long. I wanted to do so much more for Cordelia but I think I've run out of time. Please note that this 'essay' is not by any means objective or rational. I'm just talking about Cordelia like a little worshipful Cordette, because I dearly love her for being who she was in a universe full of so much personal angst and victimization.

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Jun. 13th, 2011 06:44 pm
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This video is why I adore fandom, and why I don't think I'll ever leave. :D

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Hey, remember when I used to update this journal with new fics?

Me too. *is nostalgic*

Tried to watch HP Deathly Hallows part 1 yesterday. Fifteen minutes into it and I wondered when these books stopped being YA...or, on the flipside, when did YA become so dark?

It's possible it was always this dark and I just never knew.

I'm not a fan, didn't read the books or have even a mild interest (apart from the pretty-but-doomed Cedric Diggory)in the movies, but I have to say, you can practically TASTE the epic in these last two installments. My heart was in my throat when that snake...well, never mind.

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Just spent the last hour watching Cordelia Chase's greatest hits on YouTube.

Have fallen in love with the character all over again.

A steel spine, a sharp mind, a tongue that cuts and a heart that loves.

Fiercely, forever.

I'm never gonna love another character this much, and as long as I can type a sentence, I'm going to make sure she gets everything she was denied on the show.

Especially Broody McBrood.

Back to your regularly scheduled Sunday. *g*
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