Nov. 28th, 2008 07:17 pm
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I can't stop eating. Stuffing, salad, pie, macaroni salad, ham.

Everything, it seems, but turkey.

I would be eating my left over green bean casserole except that my brother's MiL dumped her Fat Lady Potatoes (yeah, I don't know. Cream cheese, shredded potatoes, cheese. More cheese. It was disgusting) in the same dish as the casserole. Ruined the whole thing. *grumbles*

Thanksgiving was about as irritating as I expected it to be, but not for the reason I thought it'd be. My dad, surprisingly, came sober and ready to be affable. My brother's ex-MiL on the other hand? Oy. So, so lonely and glomming onto me, the least friendly person in creation, even on a good day. I have a serious hate-on for her family for being such assholes and not inviting her to their places (she has three living children, without a heart to share amongst them) for the holidays. Yes, she's seriously annoying but speaking as someone without a mother, I'd take annoying over dead any day of the week.

Anway, I don't mean to word vomit all over you guys. I AM thankful - for my job, my husband and children's continued health, for having enough even if it doesn't seem that way sometimes, and for being healthy. It's more than some people have, and considering the news coming out of the world today, it's more than enough.

OH! And check out the icon. Flist, meet my boyfriend, Rahm Emanuel, the other surliest person in creation. Politics is going to be totally hot for the next four years, yes? lol


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