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Include, possibly, if all the stars line up right, going to the movies by myself to see Red Riding Hood. This has always been my favorite fairy tale - which probably explains a few things, lol - and I have always wanted to see it treated the way it was before it got sanitized. I saw In the Company of Wolves when I was younger, and although it was very good in terrorizing me, it lacked...something.

Maybe I'll find that 'something' with this version.

wherein I ramble about Wuthering Heights and Cordelia Chase )
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I'm on page 249.

Heathcliff is both batshit crazy...and a real dick.

And yet, he's still a woobie to me.

Emily Bronte, I salute you.

I wonder which fandom she'd be in, if she were alive today. *ponders*
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There's probably going to be a Wuthering Heights ficlet on this LJ fairly soon. It may be melodramatic, horribly OOC, and punctuated by bad English and many exclamation points.

Sorry in advance.
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Because, wtf, it's my damned LJ so all of you need to know how my lit-er-a-cha reading is going, dammit. *nods firmly*

I'm a hundred pages in, )

For life

Mar. 2nd, 2011 08:03 pm
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So I guess I must be a hard-core, true blue C/A shipper. I was just watching Wuthering Heights (2009 version with Tom Hardy, because YUM) on YouTube, and I caught myself thinking, "wow, it's just like Angel and Cordy, because she died and he went apeshit too."

Only, not so destructive.

Though, I think I need to read the book. And watch the movie uninterrupted. Because I've only ever heard negative things about that whole Heathcliffe/Cathy thing, and I need to make up my own mind. For one, it surprised me that Heathcliffe and Cathy grew up together, and always had that bond, and that it was mutual.

From what I heard, Cathy wanted to be with that other guy, Edgar, and Heathcliffe didn't know how to let go. Maybe not?

And no, I didn't read Wuthering Heights in school. I had to read The Scarlet Letter. I told my English teacher The Reverend didn't love Hester, because if he did, he wouldn't have let her stand up there and be branded with the A by herself. My teacher ripped me a new one, but I stand by my assertion.


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