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The future of music isn't completely dire...this girl...her voice...omg.

Although...the the video is troubling. On the one hand, it seems to be saying that the vid is ALL about her amazing voice. No flashy dancers and gimmicks. On the other hand, is she seated throughout, in a goregous but stately dress, because of her weight? Hmmm.

Also, don't read the comments. Most of them are wonderful but there are some amazingly douchey comments on her weight.
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I was listening to my local rock station today, as my favorite genre is hard rock/metal, and I heard two songs, nearly back to back.

The Sex is Good by Saving Abel.

Porn Star Dancing by someone I can't be assed to look up.

Both songs have good beats, although I wouldn't consider either of them real rock, but they both show - whether the writers meant it or not - that the 'singer' of the song can't relate to women on any but the most basic level.

I'm not sure if I'm stating the obvious or not, but I just realized today, even while I was humming along, that I wouldn't be flattered to be the girl who inspired these songs. They're kinda sleezy, kinda gross.

I blame Nickelback. It seems that since they released Something in Your Mouth, and that older song about "loving her pants around her knees while she's looking up at me", it's been a race to the bottom.

And then I listen to Say You'll Haunt Me Too by Stone Sour and my faith is restored. :)
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I've been preoccupied the last week, maybe two. I won't say with what, because that's a secret.

But I noticed today that I've been love songs.

No. Not love songs.

Obsession songs.

So far I've downloaded Burnin' Sky by Bad Company, Possum Kingdom by the Toadies, Obsession by Animotion (hello, old skool), and today, What Do I Have To Do by Stabbing Westward.

THANK GOD FOR iTUNES, and having music available literally at my fingertips.

These four will join Need to Destroy by THC, and Never An Easy Way by Morcheeba on my brand-new, unhealthy as hell playlist of unlove songs.

I expect the next fic I manage to write will...not be fluffy.

And in case a certain two people are wondering, I AM still working on the two fics I said I'd write.

I'm in awe

Jun. 15th, 2008 11:41 am
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I found this song yesterday in an mvid and I just totally fell in love with it. I downloaded it off iTunes and I've been pretty much been listening to it nonstop for the last twenty four hours.

I was shocked to find out it's by Bruce Springsteen, it's so different than what I'm used to hearing from him and his band.

The lyrics are why I love words and writing. When someone accesses that part of themselves and comes up with something so lyrical, it almost makes me want to cry.

It also makes me want to write, something that's been missing since my hospital stay.

Watch, listen, and enjoy.


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