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Inbetween texting a friend with a new baby and making meatloaf for dinner, I found a kink meme for Fright Night at [ profile] frightnight2011 - which is exactly what I needed. I filled a couple of prompts. I don't expect feedback as the meme seems to be a few months old, and the fic themselves are kinda meh, but I feel like I'm exercising a demon by writing them.

Don't be surprised if the characters fall into familiar lines, it's how I roll.

Title: Goodbye to Me
Author: Samsom
Fandom/pairing: Fright Night 2011, Jerry/Amy.
Rating: R, I think.


spoilers for FN )


Companion fic, set later on during the movie, towards dawn. An inbetween scenes fic, I guess.

Title: Not Quite Herself
Author: Samsom
Fandom/pairing: Fright Night, Amy/Jerry
Rating: NC-17


this one is shorter and smuttier )


Ficlet post

Aug. 6th, 2011 03:48 pm
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Another prompt I filled at the Women On Top comment ficathon in [ profile] catbirdfish's DW account. This one from [ profile] lutamira - Wes/Faith, sleep is not my friend. I changed some of the wording from that post to this one, because apparently everything I write is a work in progress. Like, Later, I plan to repost an older fic of my at [ profile] fantas_magoria for Epiphany and I think I'm going to rework the ending because...I can? IDK. *sigh*

Title: Used to Be
Author: Samsom
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Faith/Wesley, s4 Ats.

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Stayed up past the point of exhaustion last night and hammered out some very short ficlets instead of going to bed, because the writing bug is a sadist and unpredictable beast.

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Reposting the ficlets I did this weekend at the drabble-a-thon happening over at [ profile] ahigheroctave's site.

Anne Steele/Charles Gunn - for the prompt this is how they make a difference from [ profile] staringiscaring

The Difference They Make )

Cordelia in Acapolypse Nowish, for the prompt and you said something I've never forgotten from [ profile] eleusis_walks.

Remembering )

Angel/Cordelia after YW, angst-o-rama, for the gorgeous prompt Some nights I just never go to sleep at all, and I stand, shaking in the doorway like a sentinel, all alone, bracing like the bow upon a ship, and fully abandoning any thought of anywhere but home, my home, from [ profile] anythingbutgrey.

Home )

Jenny/Willow, for the prompt young teacher/the subject/of schoolgirl fantasy, from [ profile] eleusis_walks.

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