Nov. 17th, 2010 04:46 pm
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Logo's episode description of Into the Woods:

Buffy is thunderstruck when Spike appraises her of Riley's furtive nights spent in the dark embrace of a vampire.

Been to adult fanfic.net much?



Oct. 13th, 2010 07:17 pm
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I have a problem.

I have this totally hot girlfriend - her name's Cordelia - and she's got this awesome voice. I love to her hear speak, right in my ear. Sometimes in my head even. She's witty and acerbic, and she's got a way with getting right to the heart of the matter. No bullshit. I adore that about her.


She's into this guy - Angel's his name - and he - well, he doesn't talk to me as much as she does. But when he does, he's always got something interesting to say. Mostly about Cordelia. It's like he can't talk about anything else when he's got my ear. And I sort of know he's got other interestes, other things he likes to natter on about. But I guess I'm the girl he likes to tell all his Cordelia-shaped thoughts to. It's fine. There are others out there that listen to his other ideas and shit.

Those two, when they're with me, they love to play around a lot. There's teasing and smiling and a lot of very tactile touching going on. Sometimes it's dangerous, sometimes it's sort of sad. Okay. A lot of times it's really sad. But sometimes, it's just plain silly. Fluff, they like to call it. You wouldn't think someone with such a grim outlook on life as Angel would laugh so much, but it happens a lot when he's with Cordelia. Which, btw, is ALL the time.

What's the problem, gentle reader?




I'm torn

Oct. 8th, 2010 10:23 pm
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In which movie is Keanu Reeves more perfect in?

The Lake House


Something's Gotta Give?

They're both on right now and I'm flipping channels at will, trying to figure it out.
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So I had the best sandwich of my life this morning for breakfast. Fresh baguette, the kind that's soft but with the crisp outside. A thin blanket of leafy green, purely for decorative purposes, ham, salami and this other, really delicious, spicy Italian meat, an olive tapanade spread, salt, pepper, sprinkled with vinegar and olive oil.


I have been spoiled for life.

I also realized, while going through the doomed drabble-a-thon, that I had no Aerosmith. So I rectified it on iTunes. Sweet Emotion, Back in the Saddle Again, What It Takes, Janie's Got a Gun, Dream On, Livin' On The Edge, Rag Doll........and two Carly Simon numbers, You're So Vain (which I *cough* shamelessly used for a prompt at the Doomed event) and You Belong To Me.

How the hell is everyone today? I feel great!
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And yet I can't seem to stop from sharing.

but I'll cut to spare the uninterested )

Boboli needs to rethink using sourdough for their pizza bread - it just doesn't taste as good.

Which reminds me, I was watching the travel channel one weekend recently, and they were doing a special on pizza. So humor me if you're bored, which do you all prefer - Chicago-style deep dish or a traditional New York pie?
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I've seen those Swifter commercials that play "Baby Come Back" by Player so many times, I downloaded the song from iTunes.

It's got that '70's thing going for it, but I like it. :D

And the JCPenny's commercials that's riffing The Breakfast Club is making me jones for the '80's, which considering how that whole decade wasn't fun for me at all, is saying something.


Nov. 17th, 2006 11:52 am
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It's Friday.

I had a banana split for lunch instead of something 'healthy'.

I am rising at 6 a.m. tomorrow for a Kohls blowout sale, for which I will have actual money to spend.

And last night, I had a dream about Angel n' Cordy, dressed in their sexy Your Welcome clothes, saying their goodbyes. But instead of Angel devastated and alone at the end, Cordelia couldn't say goodbye and Angel wouldn't let her go.


Sometimes, everything is just right with everything.
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25 SEXIEST Supermodels??

Are they kidding me with this?


This morning, What's My Line, pt.1 was on - when Giles snapped at Xander after Xander's fortieth inappropriate joke, Xander looked sharply down. As if he were anticipating a backhand.

That made me sad for him, which I very rarely am.

This 'verse just keeps surprising me.


I have fic to read and feed, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, I think. Sometimes I'm like a mushroom - I tend to pick up writing styles that I read, and that's not a good thing, I think. Autumn is really sort of inspiring to me. I keep wanting fic set during the fall, turning leaves and pumpkins and bare trees hiding scary things.

I should probably go open Word.


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