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Thank you so much for not crying blood tears.


Thank you.

If I have to watch Bill/Eric/Pam/Jessica (Oh that girl!) cry blood tears for much longer, I'm just gonna barf a little in my mouth.

How did anyone think that would translate well to the screen, I don't even know.
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From last season.

can't help but compare a couple of superficial things to BtVS/AtS (spoilerish )

In other news, I am prepping for the mother-in-law's bi-annual visit by imitating a cleaning dervish.

Huge sections of me would prefer to skip these visits, but I have to say, if it weren't for them, the bone-deeping cleaning I give the domicile would never happen. So there's an upside to almost everything, I guess.


Aug. 29th, 2010 09:37 pm
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Two weeks?


You're a bastard, Allen Ball!

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The Hot Ass factor on True Blood was always kind of high - Eric, Jason, Bill, Sam....

But Alcide?

It's ridiculous, just plain, ridiculous, how incredibly hot that werewolf is. Good Lord. I'm almost offended by it. *huffs*


And I can see now what's happening with Tara. While Sookie gets the White Knight side of werewolves and vampires, Tara gets the ugly side. Oh yay.
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As I was trolling the premium channels for some noise to help me write, I noticed Bring It On was on, and it suddenly occured to me that Kirsten Dunst's character in that movie would have made a much better Sookie Stackhouse than Anna Paquin's Bobblehead interpretation.

my mildly spoilerish thoughts on True Blood )
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spoilers )

Sooper Sekrit message to [ profile] gabs186.

Oh. My. God, Gabriella.

Oh my God, Gabriella.

How did you do it twice?

I love it.

Thank you.
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The dishes are done, the bottles are washed, the babies are asleep and I Never Thought I'd See the Day by Sade is in my ears.

An hour of bliss.


True Blood spoilery talk beneath )

Dexter, don't stay away long, buddy.


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