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Hey, remember when I used to update this journal with new fics?

Me too. *is nostalgic*

Tried to watch HP Deathly Hallows part 1 yesterday. Fifteen minutes into it and I wondered when these books stopped being YA...or, on the flipside, when did YA become so dark?

It's possible it was always this dark and I just never knew.

I'm not a fan, didn't read the books or have even a mild interest (apart from the pretty-but-doomed Cedric Diggory)in the movies, but I have to say, you can practically TASTE the epic in these last two installments. My heart was in my throat when that snake...well, never mind.

I love Cordelia Chase. I don't know if I've said that lately. I love her character. Not just because she was so good with the comebacks and putdowns, and not just because she's so goddamned beautiful and funny, and loyal and brave. Not just because she didn't stay the high school caricature she started out as, but grew into a flesh and blood girl with good and bad points. I also love her because there wasn't one decision she made in the course of two shows that I disagreed with. I've liked other characters despite some of their choices (Buffy, Giles) and I've disliked still others for their choices (Xander, Willow), but Cordelia is the ONLY character whose choices I not only agreed with, but could see myself making those same choices.

When she snapped at Marcie for butting into her conversation with her friends, I found myself nodding along. This may seem harsh, but I don't agree with the idea that you have to be nice all the time to everyone. Marcie jumped into a conversation she was clearly not a part of, and Cordy called her on it. Do you know how many times I wished I could do the same in real life?

When Cordelia called Jesse her stalker, I don't think she was being anything other than truthful. Jesse is seen as a nerd who is stomped on by a popular girl, but it was clear to me that he had made a habit of nosing around Cordy, and comments like she could cry on his shoulder were crossing boundaries she clearly had in place. I've been there. Not often. But there have been times when a guy or two would try to force a connection where there wasn't any. I always wished I could be as clear as Cordelia was, but I'd been taught to be nice when rejecting someone - even if it was the same someone over and over again.

Cordelia being mean to Xander post breakup? I would have been far harsher. I enjoyed the way she put him down, because not only was it a clear indicator of the depth of her hurt and anger, but because he deserved every bit of it for all the slut shaming he heaped on her, both before and after their hook up.

Choosing to become a Higher Being? After seeing all the pain in the world in TSILA, and feeling every victim's terror whether Angel saved them or not, she wouldn't have chosen to put her own happiness with Angel when she was told she could help humanity even more as a Higher Power. It's only hubris if there was arrogance in the mix, and there wasn't. She wanted to help, plain and simple.

Cordelia completely shutting Wesley out of her life after he abducted Angel's baby? Agreed again. Wesley gave up a lot when he decided to kidnap Connor, one of those things should have been Cordelia's friendship and trust. If she had given him even the smallest validation in the form of "Why?", I would have thought that was out of character. When Xander broke her trust, she shut him completely out of her heart. Of course she'd do the same to Wesley, who did something far, far worse, and with much more lasting damage.

In conclusion, Cordelia Chase is awesome.

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