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To paraphrase The Princess Bride, in the history of TV/Movie kisses, there have only been five that were the most loving, the most passionate.

This one left them all in the dust.

This was a kiss between four people, Cordelia and Angel and David and Charisma. It conveyed all the love between them, and the history that connected them, and the heartbreak and tragedy that their story was interrupted before it had a chance to truly come to fruition. I'll never understand how anyone can watch it and not know that these two people were in love with each other, passionately and wholly in love.

Not a lot can make me cry, much less tear up, but this scene, this kiss, does that for me. that's why it's the best.


Runner up #1 would be the Awakening Kiss. I see complaints that it didn't have much going for it and my answer was always "Charisma was something like five months pregnant, David was being careful with her!" But if you look at it long enough *cough*, you begin to see the little details, like how tender the kisses he rains all over her are, and the way he grabs her hand and puts it next to her head and laces their fingers together, and the look of pure pleasure on her face as It's not sex, it's lovemaking. And it's amazing.


Runner up #2 would be the Spike/Buffy kiss of emotional need and longing in Tabula Rasa. It came at the end of a very emotionally draining episode for me, and it was very satisfying. When Spike walked up to the bar and Buffy turned away from him, my heart broke. For Spike mostly, because it was just one more rejection. I thought maybe that would be the final straw and he'd give up and walk away once and for all. So when the camera panned through the Bronze and under the stairs and there they were, just giving into their mutual need, it was like "awwww, thank God, she feels it too, she feels it too!"

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That smile on his face just before they smash together is Angel ecstatic she's staying and DB being all "Look at you all cute and bouncy coming at me." Love that look!

He/they (Angel and David) look so delighted, don't they? *giggles* And I love their colliding together like that, you can actually see them impact. It's true love. *sigh*

It's my icon for a reason, don't you know? It's desperate and full of apologies and regrets and it's totally Angel's fantasy - Cordelia needing him enough to cut through all the bullshit and just kiss him.

Angel's a very simple thinking man, when you get right down to it. :)


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