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Maybe Brad and Angelina. But not because I think they have a perfect, true love. Because it started in the most cliched way possible. Because they're both ridiculously good-looking, imo, so they should be incredibly self absorbed. But she's an ambassador, and she seems to take the job seriously, and she uses her fame to bring publicity to things most people wouldn't know about otherwise. And instead of having a torrid affair that burns out over a few months or maybe a year, he seems to have embraced her altruistic life style and sunk himself into it right alongside her, sharing her life and making it theirs. I like to think it's because being with her has enabled him to do the things that he's always wanted to do, but that his looks and fame stopped him from doing.

And then they adopted some babies, and conceived sonme others.

And in the candids that get taken of them, there seems to be this sustained physical appreciation and affection of one another.

If they break up, I won't die. I might be a bit disappointed, but it won't matter to me one one or another if they stay together or not. The only thing that it will make me think is that if it doesn't work out, it won't be because it was a a shallow, Hollywood relationship.

Runner up would be William and Kate. Because if Princess Diana wasn't allowed to be happy in her marriage, it would be nice if her son is. And they seem to have a lot of love and respect for each other, in addition to being genuine friends. I think that's important, as those things were missing from Diana's marriage.

This question made me feel so cheap.


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