Jan. 8th, 2012

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Assuming Cordelia wasn't cremated, what do you think Angel would have buried her in?

I'm still remembering that godawful black dress the Scoobies buried Buffy in, and how much I hated it and the shoes. I like to think that because Angel had some style, the same style that Cordy had, he would have been a bit better at dressing her up.

Black? White? Something tasteful or youthful or both?

I think it might have been something black or brown and slightly above the knees, a glimmer of bling in the stitching to bring out her beautiful skin and a deeper than is proper vee in her cleavage, to bring out her breasts.

He would have put the necklace he gave her when he came back from Tibet on her, I think, something that nestled between her breasts so that whoever met her on the other side would know they were dealing with a gorgeous woman who knew how to accessorize as well as a soldier for good.

Her hair would be soft and down and her shoes would be of the latest style.

Yeah, I know. Morbid much? :)


They do have a symmetrical kind of style. Take a look at the header of [livejournal.com profile] whedon_kinkmeme.

Red and black inversed.

Two characters with something to atone for, wearing the colors of sin and adultery.

I kinda dig it.


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